Design Studio: Part Two!

Little Anthony stood in the front of the room, presenting his logo to the older – and bigger – students in the chemistry class.

“I hope you like it,” he said, confidently.

The chemistry teacher was impressed. “You’ve got a lot of talent,” he told Anthony, “and good communication skills.”

Communication skills are critical for the students in Design Studio because they not only have to draw and design for their clients, they have to market their ideas.

Anthony has been marketing himself and his designs since his first visit to the class to get ideas for a class logo. “First, I made thumbnail sketches – those are tiny sketches and ideas,” he clarified. “I narrowed them down to three, then worked up the logo. In the computer lab, I picked fonts and reflections” for the wording.

He visited the class for their input. “I showed the class three different designs and fonts,” he said. “They chose one with the test tube. They ended up picking the one I liked.”

His companion, Ian, designed a logo for the class¬†Take it to the Limit. “I made an infinity sign, and roller coaster, and a circle,” he said. The class chose the many-colored circle design that reflected a roller coaster. ¬†“I made the pi sign in it to make it more stylish,” he said. He liked his client’s choice because, “It’s simple for a logo.”

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