Design Studio: Draw Hard

Work Hard

Play Hard

Draw Hard

Abigail adapted a sports motto as inspiration for her SA class, Design Studio. “I took it apart from a different quote,” she said. The motto was written on the outside of her handmade portfolio that contained the creative work from her three weeks at Summer Academy.

In Design Studio, students created their own design studios and developed personal business cards to represent them. Abigail was playing around with a drawing of a rainbow of colors swirling from a paintbrush.  A friend mentioned that the image looked somewhat like a bird. “I didn’t mean for it to be a bird,” Abigail said, “but I adapted it into the bird.” That accident became her personal logo.The image reminded her of a colorful bird she had seen in a picture of Mexico. That was a good fit since her design client was the class El Mercado. “Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing, but it works out,” she shrugged.

The challenge for students in Design Studio was to creatively represent a SA class to the exacting standards of the client.

Evan was “hired” by the class Video Games for Good to design a logo. “I like video games a lot so I could kind of relate to them,” he said.

Evan visited the class to get ideas for images that would best represent the students and their project. He worked up three designs based on the students’ suggestions and presented them to the class.

His clients chose a logo in the shape of a video game controller embedded with symbols from the class: a small computer; a food bag to represent the Feed My Starving Children charity work; and, a copy of the ninja star that was used to track the students’ progress on lessons.

Because the ninja star was a class creation, Evan decided to show it as copyrighted. “I included that as a restricted symbol,” Evan said.

The only complaint Evan had about his assignment had to do with accessing the classroom. “I hated every moment of going down to my client,” he laughed. “It’s in the creepy basement!”

Aside from his “creepy basement” forays, Evan recommended the class. “I enjoy drawing a lot. I learned a lot about making logos,” he said. “They have to be simple, but have a lot packed in.” He pointed to his logo. “It’s very simple, very small, but if you look, it’s got a lot on it.”

Jenna enjoyed designing for the class Castles, Kings, and Other Things. She said some of the images were “old-fashioned, because it was in kings and queens times.”

“They wanted the logo inside of a shield,” Jenna explained. Her logo was a colorful crest shape with gray swords and bows and arrows. “They wanted the colors green, white, and red because it was a flag.”

Students also created a personal business card to represent themselves. “I really like sports,” Jenna said. Her business card featured a large red ball with pictures of sports equipment – a basketball, baseball, hockey sticks, etc.

Before embarking on their client jobs, students created sun and sports logos. Dani said they were told to draw three unique suns and then to pick out their favorite. She choose her drawing of an abstract green and yellow sun with white anime-inspired eyes.

“We picked the one that stands out the most. This one’s kind of nervous, the way it’s looking to the side,” she said of her anxious sun.

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