Design Studio: Part Two!

Little Anthony stood in the front of the room, presenting his logo to the older – and bigger – students in the chemistry class. “I hope you like it,” he said, confidently. The chemistry teacher was impressed. “You’ve got a lot of talent,” he told Anthony, “and good communication skills.” Communication skills are critical for … Continue reading Design Studio: Part Two!

New Director Survives, and Thrives

Mike Schroeder has just completed a crash course in SA Directorship – and survived. After nearly a year of planning and excited anticipation, his first Summer Academy is over, and Schroeder has a new appreciation for all aspects of the program. But, mostly, he’s impressed – impressed with SA teachers, staff, families, and, especially, the … Continue reading New Director Survives, and Thrives

Animals in Art: Derpy Llamas & Curious Owls

Abigail captured a photo all bird-watchers dream of. “I got a pretty good shot of it because usually he’s hiding in the box,” Abigail said of the inquisitive barn owl peering into her camera lens. “I was kind of just trying to capture the personality of the owl,” she said. The photo was taken during … Continue reading Animals in Art: Derpy Llamas & Curious Owls

Graphic Novels: Super Heroes in the Kitchen

Wyatt cracks himself up. Wyatt’s family clustered around him, listening intently to an expressive read-aloud of his graphic novel. He peppered his reading with creative inflections and sound effects. “Blam! Whammy!” he shouted. “We just went through the funniest part,” Wyatt said. Wyatt’s Kitchen Crew, Issue #1 was the culmination of weeks of learning, drawing, and revising in … Continue reading Graphic Novels: Super Heroes in the Kitchen

Design Studio: Draw Hard

Work Hard Play Hard Draw Hard Abigail adapted a sports motto as inspiration for her SA class, Design Studio. “I took it apart from a different quote,” she said. The motto was written on the outside of her handmade portfolio that contained the creative work from her three weeks at Summer Academy. In Design Studio, students … Continue reading Design Studio: Draw Hard

Art Cycle: …or Wash Cycle?

There may be a few parents out there who think that Art Cycle is misnamed. With the number of laundry loads it’s generated, maybe “Wash Cycle” is a more apt title. “It’s really fun and mostly it’s messy,” said Suheyla. “I like the messy part, but my mom doesn’t.” Like Suheyla, Niko embraced the mess. He … Continue reading Art Cycle: …or Wash Cycle?

Physics, Physics, Physics! Rainy Rockets

NASA might delay rocket launches due to weather, but not the scientists in Physics, Physics, Physics (a class so nice they named it thrice…). Students tromped out to the soggy baseball field in the rain, rockets in hand. After all, they were water rockets. Physics teacher Abe Hanson reminded the rocket engineers that the goal of the … Continue reading Physics, Physics, Physics! Rainy Rockets

Patterns & Impressions: Language Arts

Dear Dairy – Today was the best day ever!!!!!!! The teacher pooped a balloon to explain a black hole! It was so funny!!!!!!!  (Emmy) From the profane…to the profound: Bella’s blue wings made the black and white sky blue today. (Johanna) These fun quotes from two original folktales demonstrate the range of writing styles practiced … Continue reading Patterns & Impressions: Language Arts

Architectural Design: Dream Homes

We’ve all fantasized about our ideal house. Summer Academy architects are able to bring their dream homes to life, or at least to scale-model life. Miles’ two-story house is impressive, but it is the yard and extra features that take it over the edge. “There is a replica of Wrigley Field,” including the famous ivy … Continue reading Architectural Design: Dream Homes

Chemistry: Fun with Matter

Most people picture a chemistry lab as a place with toxic chemicals, colorful exploding solutions, and boiling beakers. This one resembled a salad bar. Last week in Chemistry: Fun With Matter, the test subject was red cabbage. Today’s experiment featured a beaker full of bright green spinach leaves. Although they didn’t necessarily know it at the time, the … Continue reading Chemistry: Fun with Matter