Field trip day 6/21

Today we headed to the Mall of America!  Students have been programming their robots this week in preparation to have the robots play mini golf.  Today they got to test our their programs on a real course.  Here is a video of our adventure….

Lego Robotics – Week 2

We began week 2 of Lego Robotics by introducing their big challenge of the week – design, build, and program a robot that can play mini golf.  On Thursday we will take a field trip to the Mall of America and have the students test out their robots on the Moose Mountain golf course.  (Media coverage of this from 2016 is available at the StarTribune site here.)

Today most groups finished up the original set of challenges.  The “Vacuum Challenge” is where they need to have the robot sense when it comes into contact with a barrier, back up, and turn to avoid it.  The two videos here show two groups’ solutions …

The “Arm Position Challenge” is where they need to program the robot to trigger it’s own motion with a touch sensor, drive forward to capture a block, and then drive it backwards, as shown here …


Week 1 & The Orchard Challenge

This week the students worked through a number of challenged that increased their ability to build their robots and program them to accomplish a number of tasks.  This was not always easy – the engineering design process requires lots of trials, testing, and reprogramming.  We ended the week with “The Orchard Challenge” where students need to program their robots to drive through a “field” and not “run over the trees.”  Here are some video showing some of this.

Ponytail Posse Robotics Team

Today the “Ponytail Posse” robotics team demonstrated their robot and answered many questions the students had.  The Ponytail Posse is an independent group of high school students who have worked in competitive robotics for a number of years.

To learn more, check out the Ponytail Posse website:

6/14 Extended Day

Just a reminder that tomorrow is an extended day, so classes meet until 2:30pm.  Students will have a break for lunch.  They either ordered a lunch from Summer Academy today or should bring a lunch from home.


Robotics has begun!

Students have been busy building their first robot.  After their robot is built,  student  use their laptops to program their robot to pass different challenges.  They are busy!