Today we learned about falconry, which is the practice of using a raptor to hunt. It has been used throughout history and across cultures. Yes, you can be a falconer in Minnesota!

Students watched a video about skates and rays and we learned all kinds of neat facts about these shark cousins.

Students then had lots of time to work on their final projects. Most are finished and ready to present tomorrow! As students finished, they played some of our games like “Go Bird!”, a raptor version of Go Fish. Some also watched a Jonathan Bird Blue World video about diving for megalodon teeth.

Today we also played the raptor Jeopardy review game. There were a couple tricky questions, but for the most part students know their stuff!

Another animal of interest was hummingbirds. Students took turns reading facts from a website and we all learned something new about these amazing little creatures! Of course, we had to draw one!

Today students learned:

  • Annabel learned that hummingbirds have to spend most of their time digesting their food
  • Xander learned that the torpedo ray has a vertical tail fin that it uses to swim
  • Charlotte learned that hummingbirds eat more than their own weight each day!
  • Chris learned that rays do not lay eggs but skates do