Happy birthday Tyce!

Today students build a watershed and learned how pollutants travel into the water. They used sprinkles to represent the pollution and enjoyed making it “rain” by spraying water.

We also learned about jellyfish and their super powers. Did you know there is an immortal jellyfish?? Of course, we had to draw them!

Students learned about bees using websites, then made posters to help share facts. Like sharks, bees are often feared because they are misunderstood.

To review all we have learned about sharks we played a Jeopardy-style game. The students knew almost every answer immediately!

Next, students began their final project: to research and present on an animal of their choice. They got a lot accomplished today and will continue working tomorrow.

Finally, we connected via Zoom with Jenn from Ocearch. She talked to us about microplastics: how they get into the ocean and the impact they can have on sharks’ bodies. We also learned about FRED, an ocean cleaning robot that is in development. Tomorrow we will brainstorm ways to use less plastic!

Today students learned:

  • Uche learned that we should not use plastic straws
  • Eddie learned that plastic that is on the road gets washed into the water and then ends up in the ocean
  • Chris learned that there is plastic even in the deep ocean