Today students learned about tonic immobility which can calm a shark. Marine biologists use this when taking samples of smaller sharks. We watched a video where they are able to do this on much larger sharks!

Students then listed reasons why people fear sharks. They picked one common myth about sharks to disprove with a poster or skit. All students chose to make a poster, some on their own and others with friends. Students really showed their creativity today!

Next students read about the Proteus, a still-in-development underwater research station. They also watched a video about the only existing underwater research station: Aquarius Reef Base. Students then designed and presented their own underwater buildings.

We also learned about yellow scorpions and how they have become a dangerous problem in Brazil. Finally, we created surprise folding sharks.

Today students learned:

  • Chris learned that yellow scorpions can survive 400 days without food
  • Annabel learned that there is a sickness if you stay underwater for too long
  • Charlotte learned that scientists use underwater labs