Today we had a video visit with Lisa Crawford, a marine biologist. She talked to us about her studies in shark electrosensitivity reception and toxicology. She also described the process of catching and taking samples safely from sharks.

Students learned about two categories of sharks: angel sharks and carpet sharks. Carpet sharks includes the whale, nurse, zebra and wobbegong sharks. Students really liked the cute epaulette shark that uses its fins to “walk” along the bottom.

Outside we played Owls versus Crows, a tag game. Students were divided into two teams and which team had to chase the other depended on whether the statement was true or false. Once tagged, students switched teams.

We read The Brilliant Deep about Ken Nedimyer’s efforts to regrow and protect coral reefs. Students made connections to the other conservationists we have learned about.

Students learned about the evolution of sharks for the past 400 million years. Sharks are one of the only animals to have survived all 4 mass extinction events on earth! Of course, we also learned about the infamous megalodon.

Finally, students helped create a Venn diagram of sharks and raptors. Turns out they have a lot in common!

Today students learned:

  • Charlotte learned that megalodons were 20 feet longer than a whale shark
  • Xander learned that sharks heal really fast
  • Riley learned that sharks have been around for over 200 million years