Day 13: The last day

Today we learned a little bit more about mass extinction events, since they have come up in previous discussions about the evolution of sharks and prehistoric apex predators.

We got to visit a few other classes and check out their work. The highlight was watching and voting on the stop motion animation videos!

Finally, we Skyped with Jennifer Nolan, author of Sea Turtles Up Close. She shared her favorite ocean animal (dolphin), type of shark (tiger), and type of sea turtle (hawksbill). She also showed us lots of beautiful photographs of the ocean! Here are a few facts we learned from her:

  • 90% of large predatory sharks have been killed
  • 73 million sharks die each year. 250,000 per day!
  • 80% of sharks dying are being caught for shark fin soup. The good news is that sales have dropped by 50%
  • By creating marine protected areas (like underwater national parks) we can help ocean animals
  • The sea turtle population is finally going up!
  • Her books each took about 2 years to write

She sent me some follow up information that I wish we had been able to view in advance. If you’re interested, the links are below (I have not previewed these, but assume they are good resources).

Link to the Dr. Sylvia Earle Ted Prize acceptance speech – brilliantly made case for why we must protect our oceans.

Here are 2 short video clips that do a great job at revealing why all species play a critical role in our ecosystem.
SeafoodWatch Seafood guide – what to buy, what to avoid: 

Lastly, excellent non-profits working to protect our oceans and sea turtles as well:

OPS – Oceanic Preservation Society – – Links to our films, The Cove, and Racing Extinction can be found on the website under “Projects.”

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

Turtle Hospital

Sea Turtle Conservancy

It was a pleasure getting to know all the students in this class. Have a great summer!