That’s a Wrap! (Day 13)

Just like that, SA 2019 is over. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It’s amazing how quickly a community can develop. So much happens in 13 days!

Today we spent some time discussing hovercrafts, playing with our coasters, reminiscing on our time together, and cleaning up. It was bittersweet, happy and sad.

It was good to look back on all we’ve done over the past three weeks.

Check your email from yesterday for a link to the entire folder of pictures and videos. ENJOY!

We not only tested each other’s coasters, we also tried some different sized marbles!

I want to give a shout out to our amazing teacher assistants. Aiden and Claire went above and beyond every single day to help make this a great experience for your kids. There were terrific role models. Want to know more about the TA program? Follow THIS LINK.

Two of the best TAs around!

Our final experts included Griffin (hockey), Aiden-TA (the French language), and Claire-TA (pogo sticking). Such diversity of interests/knowledge!

Thanks again for all your support. Well done, everyone. Well done.


Abe Hanson (

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