Day Thirteen: Ocean Conservation: Critical Issues

We learned about seven issues that are causing our ocean’s major problems. We also learned how we can make a difference even thousands of miles away. From oil spills, to shark finning, to acidification, and even global-warming-we need to take action to prevent further damage. Are you an “Energy Star”? We know ways you can become one! Just ask us! Every little bit helps!

Thank you for sharing your child with us! We had a great time and hope all of your children did as well. Have a safe and relaxing summer and stop back and see us next year.

Day Twelve: Final Projects

Today we wrapped up our projects including either a “Create your own adventure” in Google forms or a Google slideshow. These will be shared with parents before the end of Summer Academy along with our class plays, “Are You a Shark?” We have definitely enjoyed “sea-ing” the creativity with our students.

Captain G’s class needs to remember to bring a bag to school tomorrow to bring home any projects still at SA. Captain A’s class has brought everything home.

Day Eleven: Sea Horses and Manatees

Gentle is the word for today. We learned about two very gentle creatures: the manatee and the seahorse! Did you know that the manatee, although it looks very fat, has no blubber on its body? And did you knw the seahorse is the only species in which the male gets pregnant and gives birth? So cool!

Both Ocean Adventure classes filmed the play, “Are You a Shark?” today and will send a link to the play tomorrow along with access to your child’s action adventure or google slide show as representative of our open house this year. If your child would like to work on his/her/their individual project at home (we will have time to work on this during school tomorrow for about an hour), he/she/they can log in to the temporary google account created for Summer Academy (or their own Google account in in Captain A’s class and part of the Anoka-Hennepin School District). The temporary login is:


Password: Sum#2021

Students have accessed their projects many times and should be able to locate their project independently if they are logged into Google.

Finally, neither class was able to finish watching the Deep Sea video. If you are interested, it’s over an hour, here is the link:

James Cameron’s DeepSea Challenge

Day Ten: The Deep Sea

We were “under pressure” as we traveled down, down down, to the deep, dark abyss. It was cold and so very dark! How can anything find food down there? We learned about bioluminescence – the “life light” of the sea. Some of the creatures from the deep sea are pretty creepy! others are absolutely breathtaking.

Tomorrow we will be taping our class version of “Are You a Shark?” Please make sure your child has put together and come with his/her/their costume tomorrow.

Also, if you child is bringing him their water log, please check to make sure it is getting completed. There are a few kids in each class that need some support from home to show their learning each day. We are asking for at least 5 facts daily.

Day Nine: Arctic and Antarctic

What a fun day! We learned how animals of the Arctic and Antarctic are able to keep warm in the freezing cold waters. At the end of the day, we had a special treat. It was a child-approved version of penguin food, but most certainly not nutritious!

Day Eight: SeaLife Aquarium

“Bon Voyage!” Today we “set sail” for the Sea Life Aquarium. While we couldn’t take advantage of all the Sea Life offers during normal times, like a Behind the Scenes Tour, we did enjoy navigating through the trails of the aquarium and even saw “Bubble-butt Seymour” the sea turtle we learned about yesterday. It seemed strange to be surrounded by the animals we are learning about! When we returned we worked on getting our play structure figured out and did a run through. We also watched and “Under the Sea” movie that we have been able to see in 3D at the Imax at the zoo. What a busy day! Please enjoy some of the creatures that we saw today.

Day Seven: Sea Turtles

Today we learned all about the different kinds of sea turtles. We did a jigsaw activity to learn about the different types of sea turtles. We had a few crafts to do including a scratch turtle and then a squid and jellyfish from yesterday! The ocean adventurers learned how to play the turtle game they brought home and are anxious to try it out and help the loggerhead sea turtle survive. Try it out! Students didn’t get an opportunity to try the sea turtle escape room on Google Forms. Captain G’s room tested it out at the end of class and Captain’s room will try this tomorrow morning before they leave for their field trip. A link will be shared once both classes have tried this as a group so you can do it and complete at home!

Tomorrow is our first and only field trip to Sealife Aquarium. We will be departing at 9AM. Please wear your Summer Academy tee shirt and remember to bring your lunch if you let me know that you would. All others were ordered a school lunch.

Day Six: Invertebrates

We had about “eight times” the fun learning about octopus, squid and jellyfish. Did you know the squid has a pen inside its body? And the Box Jellyfish is one of the deadliest creatures on earth? What’s more, birds are not the only animals with beaks! The octopus and squid have one too!

We also had to finish some of our “whale business” from yesterday. We talked about communication and echolocation. If your child would like to continue listening to different examples of whale calls, here is the website to hear the voices of the sea:

Each day our young oceanographers are asked to write at least 5 facts in their “water logs”. While the majority of our students have been able to complete this daily, please note that your child may be bringing his/hers/theirs home to complete. This needs to be returned as it is a daily learning tool.

Day Five: Whales

“Thar she blows!” Do you know the difference between a toothed whale and a baleen whale? The kids do! As we learned about these ocean giants, we were amazed to see just how big whales can get. Be sture to check out the hallway near our classrooms for pieces of string demonstrating the lengths of a few of the most common whales. We also measured our lung capacity by making a spirometer. You can make one at home and make comparisons! Just ask your child how we did it!

While we didn’t get to finish our whale learning because we had so much already jammed into our day, tomorrow we will listen to some whale calls and talk more about echolocation.

Don’t forget to continue to work on planning out a costume for our classroom play if your child chose to be a sea creature. We will practice this week and record a final production next week.

Day Four: Waves and Tide Pool

Day Four was jam-packed with information! Today we learned about what causes waves, what causes tides, and how tides effect the many creatures living in the tide pools (sea stars, sea urchins, sea anemone, tropical fish and more)! We made our own classroom version of a tide pool and an “ocean in a bottle”! Wait until you “sea” everything we have been creating!

Please look for an email with an attached letter summarizing our first week that also includes some fun activities and a fun fact! Have a great weekend Ocean Adventurers!