Day Eleven: Sea Horses and Manatees

Gentle is the word for today. We learned about two very gentle creatures: the manatee and the seahorse! Did you know that the manatee, although it looks very fat, has no blubber on its body? And did you knw the seahorse is the only species in which the male gets pregnant and gives birth? So cool!

Both Ocean Adventure classes filmed the play, “Are You a Shark?” today and will send a link to the play tomorrow along with access to your child’s action adventure or google slide show as representative of our open house this year. If your child would like to work on his/her/their individual project at home (we will have time to work on this during school tomorrow for about an hour), he/she/they can log in to the temporary google account created for Summer Academy (or their own Google account in in Captain A’s class and part of the Anoka-Hennepin School District). The temporary login is:


Password: Sum#2021

Students have accessed their projects many times and should be able to locate their project independently if they are logged into Google.

Finally, neither class was able to finish watching the Deep Sea video. If you are interested, it’s over an hour, here is the link:

James Cameron’s DeepSea Challenge