Day 3 is in the Books

Day 1:  Study for the bar exam, get to know you, and my wonderful expert on word art and journaling.

Day 2:  Took the bar exam.  Some of you are not done but no worries, you can work on it tomorrow and if nothing else, take it home for the weekend.

Day 3:  We went to the Ramsey County Courthouse.  It is SO regal and stately!  We sat in on some actual sentencings, we visited with a super sweet judge who gave us squishy gavels, and we met a Ramsey County Attorney and her paralegal.  WOW!!  Then we went to the Larson, King Law firm in the Wells Fargo building and then ate our lunch on 7th street place followed by a long trip to Candyland.  What a fun way to spend a legal summer day!

Looking ahead:  tomorrow is building day.  We will FINALLY start to construct our offices.  Best day EVER!!

Next week we have another long day on Thursday which means a trip to the Hennepin County Government Center, St. Thomas Law School, and the law office of Tomshe, Sonneson, and Tomshe.  There just may be a yogurt bar in our future that day as well.  Also, a bag lunch will be needed that day.

Enjoy your evening!

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