The 1/2 Way Point

Can you believe SA is already half over for the 2018 summer?! I am shocked! :0

Is it flying by for anyone else?  I will enjoy sleeping in and staying up late because that is how I am wired but honestly, this year’s SA could NOT be going by any faster than it is.  I am already thinking about missing all of you and it seems like we just met.

Today we worked on our case with Mr. Baker and Mr. Sanji.  I wonder how that will turn out.  I was impressed with how respectfully most of you listened to the opposing counsel’s perspective.  Tomorrow you will meet your next new client and then wow, you will have a lot to balance.

Today we:  wrote a retainer agreement

wrote a letter to our new client

had a fact finding meeting with opposing counsel

made business cards and exchanged business cards

executed our SA contracts

kept track of our time so we can bill our clients accordingly

Tomorrow we will:

write out brief to the court for Baker v. Sanji

meet our new client for a second case

continue to keep track of our time for billing purposes

work to negotiate a settlement for the baker and Sanji

do a little office maintenance and renovation

Looking ahead we have a field trip on Thursday and SA goes until 2:30 that day.  Friday we have a fun outdoor activity planned IF it doesn’t rain.  Maybe we will just be tough and do it even if it rains.  ;p

Enjoy your evening and I’ll see ya all tomorrow.



Day 3 is in the Books

Day 1:  Study for the bar exam, get to know you, and my wonderful expert on word art and journaling.

Day 2:  Took the bar exam.  Some of you are not done but no worries, you can work on it tomorrow and if nothing else, take it home for the weekend.

Day 3:  We went to the Ramsey County Courthouse.  It is SO regal and stately!  We sat in on some actual sentencings, we visited with a super sweet judge who gave us squishy gavels, and we met a Ramsey County Attorney and her paralegal.  WOW!!  Then we went to the Larson, King Law firm in the Wells Fargo building and then ate our lunch on 7th street place followed by a long trip to Candyland.  What a fun way to spend a legal summer day!

Looking ahead:  tomorrow is building day.  We will FINALLY start to construct our offices.  Best day EVER!!

Next week we have another long day on Thursday which means a trip to the Hennepin County Government Center, St. Thomas Law School, and the law office of Tomshe, Sonneson, and Tomshe.  There just may be a yogurt bar in our future that day as well.  Also, a bag lunch will be needed that day.

Enjoy your evening!