Today we were hard at work working on our Feed My Starving Children games to showcase at the open house next week. Each game takes a lot of time to program and play test.

Extended day #2

Today the kids were really busy! We had a video game designer come in and talk to them about a career in gaming. The students had many great questions to learn about this exciting career option.

Today, we also took the time to have an expo to showcase games that have already been created. The students were able to see each others work and check them over for bugs.

Finally, as an extra challenge the kids have been given the chance to become a master debugger. They have debugging challenges to complete in order to earn an actual BUG to display on their station!

Ask the Expert Presentations

Today we had our first Ask the Expert presentations. Students are asked to showcase their knowledge about their favorite video game. They break the game down into its elements and the students have a chance to ask questions. This is long standing tradition at SA that is a lot of fun to do in class!

Day 3 a Success!

In class we are working hard on our quests in order to reach Gaming Ninja level! As students complete work they “level up”. This is indicated by a ninja star on the board under their name. All kids work at their own pace and are finding success! Ask your kids to show you what they have created!

FMSC Field Trip!

We had a great time on our field trip. The kids took part in a packing event and learned about about Feed My Starving Children. They are now prepared to start creating their final game to showcase all the great things that FMSC does!