Last Day

We celebrated our last day together creating a memory book with our wonderful pictures.

Watching Stop Animation, Clay projects, and playing at the playground were a few highlights.

Thank you all for being wonderful!

Keep reading and inspiring others!

Open House Day

After completing our projects we had a great time exploring other classes and thinking about what we want to sign up for next summer.

Tonight is Open House from 6:00-8:00.  Please bring a bag to collect your child’s creative projects.

Sadly, tomorrow ends our Summer Academy experience.  Thank you all for your support, we had a great time creating within the wonderful world of language arts.

Circle Story Fun!

Today we read and created our own circle stories featuring our Nancy Carlson inspired characters.  We are beginning to prepare for Open House on Wednesday from 6:00-8:00.  Please bring a bag to take home all of your child’s wonderful stories and projects.

Nancy Carlson Monday

We were inspired by Nancy Carlson today as she explained the writing process and she taught us how to draw her characters. The students received a special autographed book.

We had four Question the Experts today.

Gavin was an expert about lacrosse. Zaki was an expert on soccer. Jada was our Kindle expert, and Kelly was our dog expert.

Nancy Carlson challenges us to make a doodle a day for the rest of the summer.


Fibonacci Friday!

Silverwood was an amazing field trip opening our eyes to the wonderful number pattern of Fibonacci.  The Golden Ratio can be found in our ear, fingers, and eye placement. In the number pattern 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, …. What comes next?

Monday is Nancy Carlson day! We are excited to learn from this incredible author and illustrator.

Como Zoo Day

Our wonderful animal research detectives were busy learning more about the animals at the zoo. We were distracted by the wonderful butterfly garden.  Some butterflies even landed on us.

A special thank you to our wonderful chaperones.  Thank you Mikkayla’s mom, Ellie’s mom and brother, Linnea’s mom and sister, and Audrey’s mom – you all are wonderful and you all are very much appreciated.

Friday is all about Fibonacci.

Wonderful Wednesday

Our wonderful students worked very hard to complete their tall tales, create alliteration, and develop a tongue twister.  We were very busy today as tomorrow is our field trip to Como Zoo.  We will become animal detectives at the zoo, recording notes and observations about animals.  Later, we will create a Who Am I? book.

Kaylani was our gymnastic expert.  We had fun practicing cartwheels and round-offs.

Creative Tuesday

Our superstar writers have created tall tales that are so long, so wonderful, and some are so funny that they stretch from the ceiling to the floor.  Did I mention that these wonderful almost second graders typed their tall tales? Have you ever wondered why it rained or why is there lightning in the sky?  Our creative writers can share with you the answers to these questions and more.

Marissa was our dog expert, she knows all about Hank.  Colt was our origami expert, he taught us creative ways to fold paper.

Marvelous Monday

Our wonderful students completed our bunny stories inspired by Rick Chrustowski.  We learned about idioms, metaphors, similes, hyperboles, personification, and onomatopoeia.  We then started typing our tall tales.  It was a busy and fun day.  Tomorrow we will complete our tall tales and start on alliteration and tongue twisters.

Bunny Stories and Tall Tales

Our fantastic Friday started with Audrey teaching us how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and vertical math problems with making a new ten. The students are working on their ‘dummy stories,’ a rough draft in black and white.  Once edited they are publishing their stories.  Students read tall tales with a partner and shared the stories with the class. They are brainstorming the main components of their tall tale story.  The creativity is incredible.  We are excited for the families to see all of our hard work at Open House. Mikkayla is our animal expert and Caitlyn is our ‘how to care for dog’ expert.  It was a fabulous week!