Day 7: More Sensors and LOTS of Robo-cross rebuilds

There as a flood of accomplished challenges today, which led to 8 teams starting to build a robo-cross bot. When teams finished learning to program the ultrasonic sensors and get through those challenges, they have moved on to robo-cross. Up until now, everyone’s robot has basically looked the same. As teams brainstorm, design, and build their robo-cross bot each bot is taking on very different looks. Teams that have not quite finished the ultrasonic challenges are still in a great place! Robo-cross is not a “must do” activity, though it really lets teams show their engineer and design skills.

As teams move into designing their own robots, the teamwork is so encouraging to see – teams helping teams! Learning from each other and knowing how to teach each other is a powerful skill for success!

Tomorrow is our last extended day, with a 2:30 dismissal. It sounds like the rain is going to hold off until later in the afternoon, so we are planning to walk to the park again. We have ordered the same number of lunches for tomorrow. If students have made any changes in their plans, we will have plenty of lunches for everyone.

Speaking of food, the concession stand will be closed this Friday (June 21), so we encourage students to bring their own snack that day. There will be no opportunity to purchase snacks this Friday.

Looking ahead to next week, we will share the list of which days each team is going to mini-golf by the end of the day Thursday. We have asked students who know they will miss Monday or Tuesday to let us know and we will plan accordingly. On the day of mini-golf, the teams will load the busse and depart by 8:30, play golf for about an hour at the Mall of America course, then return to Columbia Heights HS by 11:30. It will be an exciting morning. We have also confirmed that the Irondale HS FTC Team is coming to demonstrate their 2019 robot on our final day of Summer Academy.

The vacuum cleaner challenge!

Teamwork – the rebuild
Teamwork – the programming
Teamwork – Teams helping teams.