Day 6: More Sensors and RoboCross Rebuilds

Today was a sunny day outside and a day that tested our perseverance and troubleshooting skills inside the classroom.

We started the day building a animal out of Lego to share during Inspiration time. Then we watched videos about Artificial Intelligence and had a lively conversation about whether the robots were thinking, feeling, or just responding to programming commands.

Students are now all fully working with their robots’ sensors, completing the Vacuum Challenge (video of that will be available tomorrow), and the Maze Challenge (video below). A few teams have started to build the robo cross bot.

We will work on robo cross up until lunch break on Thursday. Then, we will introduce mini-golf and teams will work on switching their bots one more time – into golfing bots! More on that tomorrow.

Programming for the Maze Challenge
The Maze Challenge using ultrasonic sensors.