Day 3: Our First Extended Day

Today, students learned about engineers and the engineering process. We learned that almost 1/3 of the Lego Robotics class has a relative or friend who is an engineer!

As work progressed today, everyone completed at least 2 of the programming challenges! We focused on using the engineering process of identifying a problem to be solved, exploring options, selecting a course of action, testing it, and continue to improve. Team work is going GREAT thanks to everyone’s willingness to meet new people and jump in to a partnership.

We walked to a park for lunch and fun and games. The weather was perfect for eating outside and using the playground and playing tag. Check out some of our work today., including a video of the Dizzy Drill.

The Retrieval Challenge required programmers to make their robot move ahead 50 cm, drop the arm over a block and drag it back to the starting line.