Open Eye Theatre Puppet Show

Open Eye Theatre Presents The Amazing Cow Boat

Our playwrights were entertained today by the performers from Open Eye Theatre. This travelling group presented The Amazing Cow Boat. Students were fascinated by the number of puppets and voices controlled by the two puppeteers. After watching the show, some of our playwrights play to present their plays using puppets.

Our playwrights enjoyed meeting the performers and questioning the puppets.

Playwrights Design Sets

Settings for our Scripts

Our preliminary set design for our plays are complete! We will use these designs to build set models to accompany our scripts.

In coming days, we will be designing our costumes. Open Eye Theatre will be visiting to present their puppet show to us.

Playwrights Explore Costumes

Deborah Nelson, a local fashion designer and founder of Satin Stitches, spoke to us about choosing designs and fabrics. This information will be very useful as we design costumes for the characters in our plays.

We examined the costumes on display in our classroom and discussed what characters would wear them. It was fun to try on these costumes and add hats and props. We love our costume poses!

As we spend time together, we are becoming good friends with our fellow playwrights. We look forward to writing our play scripts and designing the sets and costumes next week.

2021 “From Story to Stage” Playwrights to Begin Work

On Tuesday, June 15, our newest group of “From Story to Stage” students will begin their adventures together.

During the days of Summer Academy, they will adapt a favorite book (or section of it) into a play script and design the costumes and set for the play.  Playwrights will also discover how lighting, sound effects and music, makeup, and props can enhance their scripts.