2nd Week Highlights

During the second week of “From Story to Stage,” students worked as playwrights, set designers, and costume designers.

Our class playwrights completed their scripts adapted from their favorite books. In addition to creating stage directions and dialog for characters, playwrights included light and sound effects (SFX) ideas. Students learned the difference between general lighting and spotlights. SFX were used in scripts to add realism to their settings.

In addition to completing final set designs, students created costume designs for main characters. Students began with thumbnail sketches, then did larger color sketches. Following a visit to our class fabric shop to choose fabric swatches, students completed final drawings.

Our Field Trip

The Old Log Theater hosted our class for a special behind-the-scenes tour. Maureen Kvam, the director of marketing and group sales, and Erik Paulson, the scenic/lighting designer, shared their knowledge with us.

Erik explained his steps in designing a set. They included research, sketches and a set model.

We loved this set that Erik designed for current production! The lights moving up and down impressed us.

We were able to practice our stage directions, before touring other areas.

First Week Activities

During our first week, students explored two areas: scripts and costumes.

Playwrights completed all pre-writing activities for their scripts. This included developing a title, identifying conflict, listing plot events, and describing characters.

Deborah Nelson, a local fashion designer and founder of Satin Stitches, spoke to us about design. This information will be very useful as we design costumes for the characters in our plays. We enjoyed seeing the the costume samples she brought to share with us.

We examined the costumes on display in our classroom and discussed what characters would wear them. It was fun to try on these costumes and add hats and props. We love our costume poses!

“From Story to Stage” Opens Soon

On Tuesday, June 14, our newest group of “From Story to Stage” students will begin their adventures together.

During the days of Summer Academy, they will adapt a favorite book (or section of it) into a play script and design the costumes and set for the play.  Playwrights will also discover how lighting, sound effects and music, makeup, and props can enhance their scripts.