Let the Glazing begin!

On Wednesday of this week, students began to learn about finishing their clay pieces. We learned some basics about what glaze is, what happens to it in the kiln and why we glaze. We learn how to apply underglazes and glazes as we worked on our tiles and began glazing our first bisque pieces.

Elinor adds detail to her tile.

Clay Studio students each designed tiles that represented ideas about themselves. They drew symbols and then painted them using underglazes. This project will be part of our Clay Studio 2021 display during our on-site Open House on Wednesday night.

Open House Group Learning Displays

Clay Studio students began putting what they have learned together to create a group learning display about one aspect of the clay process.

-The Stages of Clay

-The Throwing Process

-The Handbuilding Process

-The Glazing Process

-The Firing Process

Clay Studio Students had a productive beginning of our second week as they threw on the wheel, did hand building and worked on trimming pots.

We love our TA, Nikki! She is knowledgable as a potter and amazing with her ability to assist beginning potters to work on the wheel!

What to expect for our final week!

Clay studio students will finish glazing their bisque pieces on Monday & Tuesday. We will then work to design a personal display to display our finished ceramic pieces. We are planning on displaying these during our onsite Open House on Wednesday.

Our week will wrap up by viewing a few other SA classes’ work, attending a performance and doing some final cleaning. We will demonstrate our newly found knowledge in a game of “Clay Studio Jeopardy” on Thursday!

Things to know or do for our last week of Summer Academy:

  1. Students are encourage to bring in 2-3 small sturdy cardboard boxes on Monday to use in their personal displays.
  2. Our last day of SA is Thursday, July 1.
  3. The S.A Onsite Open House will be held for a limited number of classes. Clay Studio has been invited to be one of those classes. Here are the details:
    • Wednesday June 30, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
    • We will display our finished work.
    • You will be able to see your child demonstrating how to throw on the potter’s wheel.
    • Your child can choose to teach a family member how to throw a pot.
    • You will be able to learn aspects of the Clay Process as you view Learning Displays.

Watch for more details to come out from Michael Schroeder, director of SA.