…and more clay!

Our first extended day included a lot of working in clay! Students threw on the wheel, and worked on hand-building using slab and free form techniques. Our goals included developing ideas for our dinnerware setting and for our creatures. Our fish platter/tile gave us a chance to explore texture with various tools.

Learning to use the slab roller…

Clay studio students can roll consistent, even slabs of clay using the slab roller. This piece of equipment is utilized as students work on creating slab boxes, texture fish and bases for hand built work.

Emilia rolls a slab of clay.

Jairdan continues to work on throwing skills!

Looking forward to our second week of Summer Academy.

Next week, we will use the first two days to create work in wet clay, after that we will transition to learn about the firing and glazing process.

We learned some important technical aspects for hand building…

–Uniform thickness

–Score and slip with connecting 2 pieces.

–Hollowing out to achieve uniform thickness and providing an air escape.

Notes for next week:

-Dirty clay towels were sent home on Friday. Please wash and return on Monday.

-Our 2nd week will have an extended day on Thursday, June, 24. 8:00-2:30.

-Students will begin thinking about creating a personal displays- small, sturdy boxes may be used, so if you have any keep is a safe place for our third week of SA.