Clay Studio 2022- Our First Day in Clay!

During our first day of Summer Academy, Clay Studio Students became familiar with the building, learned what our 3 weeks of Summer Academy will look like and got to experience first hand just how messy clay can be! All students received 25 lbs. of clay and space to store their creations as we begin our three-week journey of exploring with clay.

Working on centering the clay!

After working through some of the practical aspects of a Summer Academy class, students learned the stages of the clay process, watched a throwing demonstration and then had a chance to try their hand at throwing on the potter’s wheel.

Learning the importance of steady hands and arms!

Is it centered yet?

Opening the clay…

Working on bringing up the Walls

It is a messy job… but someone has to do it!

In preparation for our fun but messy week, here are somethings that will help your child be successful for the rest of our week!

Bring a large old towel.

Cut long fingernails.

Wear clothes you can get dirty!

We look forward to learning more about working in clay. We will learn to throw different shapes, practice throwing on the potter’s wheel, learn different hand-building techniques and begin to explore ideas for our projects.

Thanks for sharing your students with me! We are off to a great start look forward to learning even more about the clay process this week.