Sharing our experience at Open House

Brainstorming ideas together.
Sara and Sophia generate and record ideas.

Getting Ready

Our third week of Summer Academy not only included glazing, loading and unloading the kiln but working in our teams to create teaching displays.  Small groups worked together to create a display that taught one aspect of working in clay.  It was exciting to see the students thoughtfully and creatively design their displays.  Students did an excellent job of teaching other Summer Academy students about their process on Thursday morning.



Drawing and Writing


Creating the Display



Noah teaches how to make a slab.
Eli explains aspects of hand-building.
Vera shows how to use underglazes.

Throwing Demonstrations at Open House

A family affair! Samuel shows his mom and brother and sister how to throw a bowl.
Trevor shows his mom the centering process.

The Student becomes the teacher…

During Wednesday night’s Open House, Clay Studio students not only did throwing demonstrations but they had the opportunity to teach family members how to throw during the Summer Academy Open House.  It was fun to see them patiently offering guidance for parents and siblings.  They did a great job at both.

The finishing touches…

Lily’s attention to detail was evident in her pieces as well as her display.
Noah’s love of fishing was expressed in some of his work and his display.

Clay Studio students also worked to create a display that showed off their finished work.  Both their creativity and attention to detail were fun to see. Clay Studio students worked diligently to create personal displays that emphasized the theme of the pieces they created.






Wrapping it up…

Mia keeps score!

Thursday’s full morning of our Open House Demonstrations and cleaning the studio was wrapped up with a game of Jeopardy.  Clay Studio teams chose a category to reveal their knowledge of wheels, throwing, glazing firing and kilns.  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to those we have been working so closely with these past 3 weeks.

Each correct answer earned a piece of candy!

Final Words from Mrs. Celiberti

We had a full, energetic and productive 3 weeks of Summer Academy.  It was great to get to know your children and see where they each shine in the creative process.  Several of you asked where you can find other opportunities for you or your family to work in clay.  Here are some resources.

  • Continental Clay sells clay and will fire pieces for individuals.
  • Northern Clay Center has classes for both adults and kids throughout the year.  Kids camps are held during the summer.
  • Silverwood Park- Three Rivers Park District has clay classes.

I hope you all have a creative and inspiring summer filled with lots of rest and family time.  It was wonderful to get to meet you and spend time with your kids at Summer Academy.  Stop by next year and say hi!

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