Let the Glazing begin!

On Wednesday of this week, students began to learn about finishing their clay pieces. We learned some basics about what glaze is, what happens to it in the kiln and why we glaze. We learn how to apply underglazes and glazes as we worked on our tiles and began glazing our first bisque pieces.

Elinor adds detail to her tile.

Clay Studio students each designed tiles that represented ideas about themselves. They drew symbols and then painted them using underglazes. This project will be part of our Clay Studio 2021 display during our on-site Open House on Wednesday night.

Open House Group Learning Displays

Clay Studio students began putting what they have learned together to create a group learning display about one aspect of the clay process.

-The Stages of Clay

-The Throwing Process

-The Handbuilding Process

-The Glazing Process

-The Firing Process

Clay Studio Students had a productive beginning of our second week as they threw on the wheel, did hand building and worked on trimming pots.

We love our TA, Nikki! She is knowledgable as a potter and amazing with her ability to assist beginning potters to work on the wheel!

What to expect for our final week!

Clay studio students will finish glazing their bisque pieces on Monday & Tuesday. We will then work to design a personal display to display our finished ceramic pieces. We are planning on displaying these during our onsite Open House on Wednesday.

Our week will wrap up by viewing a few other SA classes’ work, attending a performance and doing some final cleaning. We will demonstrate our newly found knowledge in a game of “Clay Studio Jeopardy” on Thursday!

Things to know or do for our last week of Summer Academy:

  1. Students are encourage to bring in 2-3 small sturdy cardboard boxes on Monday to use in their personal displays.
  2. Our last day of SA is Thursday, July 1.
  3. The S.A Onsite Open House will be held for a limited number of classes. Clay Studio has been invited to be one of those classes. Here are the details:
    • Wednesday June 30, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
    • We will display our finished work.
    • You will be able to see your child demonstrating how to throw on the potter’s wheel.
    • Your child can choose to teach a family member how to throw a pot.
    • You will be able to learn aspects of the Clay Process as you view Learning Displays.

Watch for more details to come out from Michael Schroeder, director of SA.

…and more clay!

Our first extended day included a lot of working in clay! Students threw on the wheel, and worked on hand-building using slab and free form techniques. Our goals included developing ideas for our dinnerware setting and for our creatures. Our fish platter/tile gave us a chance to explore texture with various tools.

Learning to use the slab roller…

Clay studio students can roll consistent, even slabs of clay using the slab roller. This piece of equipment is utilized as students work on creating slab boxes, texture fish and bases for hand built work.

Emilia rolls a slab of clay.

Jairdan continues to work on throwing skills!

Looking forward to our second week of Summer Academy.

Next week, we will use the first two days to create work in wet clay, after that we will transition to learn about the firing and glazing process.

We learned some important technical aspects for hand building…

–Uniform thickness

–Score and slip with connecting 2 pieces.

–Hollowing out to achieve uniform thickness and providing an air escape.

Notes for next week:

-Dirty clay towels were sent home on Friday. Please wash and return on Monday.

-Our 2nd week will have an extended day on Thursday, June, 24. 8:00-2:30.

-Students will begin thinking about creating a personal displays- small, sturdy boxes may be used, so if you have any keep is a safe place for our third week of SA.

…And the wheel goes round…

Centering our clay is the first step to success. Even though it is a challenge, Clay Studio students worked hard to master this step!

First we watch….

….then we work!

Hand-building with Slabs & Free Form

While throwing on the potter’s wheel is a big draw, hand-building pieces in clay is very rewarding too. We learned how to use the slab roller to make drape mold dishes and platters. Texture is easily incorporated into these simply made pieces as well.

Elinor works on making a turtle!

Derrick begins his slab platter!

Brooke’s ceramic basket!

Extended Day Thursday, June 17

Our first extended day is tomorrow, Thursday, June 17th. This first extended day provides our class with much needed time to work on throwing skills and begin to explore ideas for creating our projects. Since most of our working in wet clay is done in these first 7 days of Academy, we love the longer day to work in clay!

Notes for tomorrow:

While free lunches are provided for tomorrow, students can choose to bring their own lunch from home.

Send a water bottle daily.

Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

Hours for our extended day are 8:00-2:30.

Clay Studio 2022- Our First Day in Clay!

During our first day of Summer Academy, Clay Studio Students became familiar with the building, learned what our 3 weeks of Summer Academy will look like and got to experience first hand just how messy clay can be! All students received 25 lbs. of clay and space to store their creations as we begin our three-week journey of exploring with clay.

Working on centering the clay!

After working through some of the practical aspects of a Summer Academy class, students learned the stages of the clay process, watched a throwing demonstration and then had a chance to try their hand at throwing on the potter’s wheel.

Learning the importance of steady hands and arms!

Is it centered yet?

Opening the clay…

Working on bringing up the Walls

It is a messy job… but someone has to do it!

In preparation for our fun but messy week, here are somethings that will help your child be successful for the rest of our week!

Bring a large old towel.

Cut long fingernails.

Wear clothes you can get dirty!

We look forward to learning more about working in clay. We will learn to throw different shapes, practice throwing on the potter’s wheel, learn different hand-building techniques and begin to explore ideas for our projects.

Thanks for sharing your students with me! We are off to a great start look forward to learning even more about the clay process this week.