June 13, 2019

Hello students and parents of Japan 2019. We have had a coupe of very busy days. Make sure you read the letter that went out to all of the parents before class started. It has all of the information you and your family needs for your child to be successful. I sent home the first day a small packet on information for your child’s Japanese garden. We practiced yesterday and everyone did very well. Yesterday we sent home your child’s kimono with instructions on how to sew it. Please let us know immediately if you do not have someone to do this. Also they got their parts for the plays they will perform for open house. I am looking forward to today’s trip to Como Park. If you can chaperone next week we have 3 field trips coming up in which we are in need of chaperones. Look forward to hearing from you. If you have any concerns please call me at 763-535-4467. This is my home phone so please do not try and text me on this number but you can leave a message and I will get back to you. Christine Tauer

June 26, 2018

Dear Parents and students of Japan Class- My father who is almost 98 suffered a mild heart attack over a week ago and was going down hill fast, but there has been a turn for the better.  I will be able to be there in class tomorrow and with you tomorrow night.  I am so thankful.  I will have a sub on Thursday however as we will make the four hour trip out to North Dakota.  Your children have been amazing in their support to me.  They are all very remarkable children that you can be proud of.  Our performance is at 7:00 tomorrow night.  Please invite friends and family to attend.  Students should be in their kimonos and ready to go by 6:45.  I look forward to meeting you then.  We have much to share.  Our room looks a little bare as I had to pack everything up in case I needed to leave quickly but the student’s work is amazing.  Christine Tauer

June 22, 2018

Dear Parents and students of Japan Class- We had such an incredible day at the Normandale College Japanese Garden.  I could hardly wait  to share this wonderful place with them.  It is free and open 24 hours a day, just check the website as it is closed some days for weddings. I am looking forward to sharing everything with you next Wednesday.  Please see the previous entry for information on when things are due next week.  Have a great weekend.

Christine Tauer

Japan Class- June 21, 2018

Dear Parents and Students of Japan Class- Sorry this is getting to you later than usual as it is my anniversary today and we went out.  The students had such an incredible day today.  The Minnesota Arboretum was wonderful as they had origami art installations everywhere as well as an indoor Japanese art show on being one with nature.  The students were so excited.  Everyone had such a good time at Osaka. Tomorrow we need a snack sent with the students as we leave at 8:15 for Normandale College’s Japanese Garden.  It is my favorite garden of all that we go to.  I hope everyone has a start on their kimonos and gardens as a few have come in already and they are wonderful.  We will have a dress rehearsal for the Improv class on Tuesday so please have them bring them by then.  I will review their gardens on Tuesday.  We can’t wait to share everything we have been doing with you at open house on next Wednesday.  Our performance will be at 7:00 pm in our room.  Please invite family and friends to come to our half hour show.  Christine Tauer

Japan Class- June 20, 2018

Dear parents and students of Japan Class- Today we had such fun finishing up our water color paintings and starting our Japanese fans for the performance.  Some of us got interviewed from the class for the school blog.  Please check it out on the summer academy web site. We practiced our plays and discovered that everyone needs to be louder so please talk to them about that as they practice at home.  Tomorrow we go to the Minnesota Landscape Garden and Osaka restaurant.  The students can bring money for the gift shop if they would like to.  They should also bring a snack to have during the field trip.  Please make sure they have sun screen on if they burn easily and possibly bring insect spray as we will be outside.  I am really enjoying your children. Christine Tauer

Japan Class -June 19th, 2018

Dear Parents and students of Japan Class- Today we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and toured the Japanese, Impressionists, and Chinese sections.  The students got so excited when they saw the ” Floating World” pictures that we had been painting- sometimes the exact ones.  Tomorrow we will finish up our painting and kanji writing.  Christine Tauer









Japan Class- June18,2018

Dear Parents and Students of Japan Class- We have been very busy on Friday and today working on our art work such as water color paintings in the style of the Japanese Floating world paintings and Japanese writing.  We are very excited to share these with you at the open house.  We have also been working on their plays.  Please help them to memorize their lines.  Tomorrow we go to the Minneapolis Art Museum at 9:30 to compare the Japanese paintings and the French Impressionists who were very influenced by the Japanese.  We will also see other Japanese art pieces, the Chinese section, and several buildings from Japan and China.  Should be a great morning.  They are a great class and a lot of fun.  Christine Tauer

Japan Class- June 14-2018

Dear families and students of Japan Class- We had such a great time today on our field trip to Como Park.  We learned a lot in the Japanese Garden about what elements make a Japanese Garden .  Before we left we watched a video about a Japanese Garden in Carleton College, Northfield and then practiced in groups making a garden.  Ask your child about the legend of the Koi and the waterfall at Como.  After lunch we watched a video that I took of schools in Japan and saw Japanese children learning.  Thanks to the parents who chaperoned today.  You were great!  Christine Tauer

Japan Class- June 13, 2018

Dear all parents and students of Japan Class.  We had a very productive day with the students getting their material for their kimonos and bringing it home.  We found one packet that contained the info on their gardens and the sewing pattern for their kimonos.  No one would claim it so if you didn’t get it please urge your child to pick it up tomorrow.  Reminder about our field trip that we will leave at 9:30 and return at one where we will eat our bag lunches.  Four children said they would be bringing one from home.  Please send a snack with them and we will eat it before we leave.  They should also have on sunscreen and bring a water bottle.  We did a great deal of painting today and will again on Friday.  Please feel free to send a paint shirt if need be.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Christine Tauer (763-535-4467)

Japan Class- June12, 2018

Konnichiwa, Greetings to parents and students!  I enjoyed working with your wonderful, talented children today.  Your child was given parts in a play or plays to bring home to practice their lines.  They should work to start memorizing these as soon as possible. We will be performing these on open house night at 7:00-7:30. Heads up for our field trip on Thursday- our bus will leave at 9:30 for Como Park.  We will return by 1:00 and will have a sack lunch at this time.  If they need a special lunch please send it with them.  Also please send a snack  with your child each day or money for the school store.  Also today I sent home two back to back pages with info on their gardens.  Attached was  pattern instructions for the kimonos that will go home with them  by Friday.  If you have any questions please contact me at 763-535-4467.  Call if you would like to chaperone (refer to intro letter that was sent to you via e-mail.)  Christine Tauer