June 24, 2019

I had a wonderful weekend with all of my relatives as we gave a wonderful send-off to my aunt as we celebrated her life. I hope you also had a great weekend. Friday’s field trip was peaceful as I was so excited to share the beautiful Normandale College Japanese Garden with the students and chaperones. They also wrote their Haiku poetry that you will see at open house. Please refer to the class letter that was shared with you before school started. It has all of the details about the week. All of our art is hung and most of the kimonos and gardens are in. They need to be in by tomorrow. We have a dress rehearsal at 9:30 tomorrow morning for the improv class. Wednesday, students should be ready to go for the 7:00 pm performance by 6:45 in their kimonos. Please invite your family to come and enjoy the performance that lasts about 35 minutes. We look forward to sharing with you. Summer Academy has sent out an e-mail with general information about Wednesday night. I look forward to seeing all of you Wednesday night. Christine Tauer

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