June 18, 2019

Hi students and parents of Japan, We had a great day at the Art Institute. Everyone was very well-behaved and you would have been proud of them as I was. The parent letter says Monday for the kimonos but we probably won’t get to the dress rehearsal till Tuesday as we exchange with Improvisation. The gardens can come in either Monday or Tuesday. They are working very hard on their art work and tomorrow will be a big work day for that. If you have any concerns please drop me a line. They are supposed to practice using their chop sticks over the next two days. I can’t wait to meet all of you at open house next Wednesday. I hope we have good weather for Thursday and Friday. You might want to think of sending the with raincoats or umbrellas. We also got a compliment from the bus driver today on what a great group they are, Christine Tauer

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