June 27. 2020

Hi everyone. What a great open house. It was hard today with the rainstorm when we left. Please remind each child what a great time I had with each of them. We had a great 13 days together. It was wonderful to meet all of your families last night. All of your reports went out yesterday afternoon and many of you told me you had read them all ready. Let me know if you had any trouble seeing them. Have a great summer and stop in and see me next summer. Christine Tauer

June 19. 2019

Hi everyone, We worked very hard on our art work today. Everyone is looking forward to our field trip tomorrow to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Osaka Restaurant. We will leave at 8:20 by bus. They will probably be bringing home some leftovers. I think they are all excited about using their chopsticks. Hope everyone has a wonderful night. Christine Tauer

June 25, 2019

What an exciting day we had. We started out by putting on our kimonos and taking pictures. The result is up on the wall opposite our art work and gardens in the hall. Then we presented our plays to the improv class in a dress rehearsal. We are really looking forward to open house. Open house opens at 5:45 with our performance at 7:00 with students needing to be ready by 6:40-6:45. See you then. Christine Tauer

June 24, 2019

I had a wonderful weekend with all of my relatives as we gave a wonderful send-off to my aunt as we celebrated her life. I hope you also had a great weekend. Friday’s field trip was peaceful as I was so excited to share the beautiful Normandale College Japanese Garden with the students and chaperones. They also wrote their Haiku poetry that you will see at open house. Please refer to the class letter that was shared with you before school started. It has all of the details about the week. All of our art is hung and most of the kimonos and gardens are in. They need to be in by tomorrow. We have a dress rehearsal at 9:30 tomorrow morning for the improv class. Wednesday, students should be ready to go for the 7:00 pm performance by 6:45 in their kimonos. Please invite your family to come and enjoy the performance that lasts about 35 minutes. We look forward to sharing with you. Summer Academy has sent out an e-mail with general information about Wednesday night. I look forward to seeing all of you Wednesday night. Christine Tauer

June 20. 2019

Hi everyone, what a great field trip we had today. The gardens were beautiful and the food at Osaka was awesome. We had a wonderful time and we really appreciated the beautiful weather,and our great chaperones. I have to leave right after class for South Dakota for my aunt’s memorial. I will write about Friday’s field trip when I get back. Have a great weekend. Christine Tauer

June 18, 2019

Hi students and parents of Japan, We had a great day at the Art Institute. Everyone was very well-behaved and you would have been proud of them as I was. The parent letter says Monday for the kimonos but we probably won’t get to the dress rehearsal till Tuesday as we exchange with Improvisation. The gardens can come in either Monday or Tuesday. They are working very hard on their art work and tomorrow will be a big work day for that. If you have any concerns please drop me a line. They are supposed to practice using their chop sticks over the next two days. I can’t wait to meet all of you at open house next Wednesday. I hope we have good weather for Thursday and Friday. You might want to think of sending the with raincoats or umbrellas. We also got a compliment from the bus driver today on what a great group they are, Christine Tauer

June 17, 2019

Hi everyone. We had a wonderful day of painting and rehearsing our plays. Tomorrow we are excited to go to the Art Institute. I had a question about the length of the kimonos. I would make them just above floor length so they can walk easily. The plays are going well, but a few students need to still learn their lives. If you haven’t let me know about field trips I need to know by tomorrow. Thanks so much for all of your help in making your child’s learning experience a success. Christine Tauer

June 15, 2019

I was just reflecting on what a wonderful week this has been and decided that my e-mail address might be helpful to you. chrt40@gmail.com Have a wonderful weekend. Christine Tauer

June 14, 2019

Dear Parents and students of Japan,
We had such a fun day learning how the Japanese Woodblock artists influenced the French Impressionists with their connection to nature and their ability with paint tubes to take their art outside and work. They produced work that was off center, used repeat patterning, and used black to outline their work. The use of everyday subjects also reflected in their work. We then began working with acrylic paints as we painted Monet’s Japanese bridge on canvas. We have a lot more painting to do next week so I may I suggest they bring a paint shirt to do this. We also worked on our plays. Please help them to learn their lines this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend and see everyone on Monday. Christine Tauer, Japan

June 13, Field trip to Como

Hi everyone. We had such a great field trip today to Como Park Japanese Garden. We are very lucky that summer academy bloggers were there to record our adventure. Your child wore a sticker home that tells you where to go to see it. We also started working on our plays. We learned a lot about Japanese gardens and the main elements that make them special. Tomorrow we begin working on our art work and the connection between the Japanese woodblock prints and the French Impressionists. We still need chaperones for the three wonderful field trips for next week. Please make sure you read the original link from Summer Academy to the class letter which has everything you need to know. If you still have questions please call me at 763-535-4467.