Pay to the Order Of

We salivated over the menus of the food trucks lined up in Pay to the Order Of today. Too bad the trucks were 6-inch long paper replicas. The real thing would have been delicious. 

“I named my food truck Foxy Baby Sweets,” said Navi. “My logo is a fox head that’s shaped like a candy wrapper and I serve all types of sweets and desserts. I thought sweets would attract kids and people more than salty snacks,” Navi reasoned.

Sally’s Rainbow Delight Shop also serves sweets. “Everything is rainbow, like rainbow ice cream,” she said. What sets her truck apart from others are the animal-friendly snacks. “I have rainbow dog-friendly ice cream and free dog gummies,” she said, “because I’m obsessed with dogs.” She also offers a general animal-friendly ice cream “so all animals can eat it. But, they shouldn’t have too much,” she warned.

Zoey’s Taco Express truck has a unique security system. “It has a drawbridge and when it’s up, we’re closed,” she said, demonstrating the lifting of the brown paper bridge. The moat surrounding the truck is home to a shark, which is a further deterrent to crime. Zoey serves her tacos at the beach.

Maxine’s creative menu is devoted to donuts and cookies. Her original cookie names include “mishy fishy” and “Northern Lights”, featuring an Aurora Borealis-inspired pink and green marbled effect. Her “Cheesy Chomp” is a donut with sweet pizza slices on top.

Pay to the Order students run Summer Academy’s two snack bars. This year, Edmund H. came up with a marketing gimmick that has helped promote sales. Each day, popular snacks go head to head in The Battle of the Snacks to see which sells more. The battle is set up on a basketball game-like bracket that moves snacks forward based on their popularity. Today’s challenge was between Lays chips and gushers. On the final day, one snack will have moved on to the winning spot. 

Edmund H. created posters of snacks dueling as part of the marketing campaign. He was excited about the expansion of the snack bar. “We’re super close to even getting merch!” he said. 

“The Battle is something to look forward to every day,” said Layken. One thing she has learned about running a business is “we have to do a lot of advertising,” she said. Layken’s detailed food truck serves her favorite food: sushi.