Artists in Artcycle this week learned about analogous colors using unusual materials and three different methods: shaving cream, marble roll, and cardboard squeegee.

After correcting my pronunciation, Lauren explained the term analogous. “Analogous colors are those that are neighbor colors,” she said. “They look good together.”

Ben added, “They are close together on the color wheel.”

Emerson explained the process of marble rolling art. “You put paper in the container,” she said, motioning toward a cardboard box. “Then you put three dots of paint in the box.”

Bailey added, “Then you put marbles in each box and roll it around.”

The analogous colors used in this artwork are: “Bright pink!” said Bailey. “And dark pink!” added Hannah. “Yellow!” said Emerson.

After teacher Gabrielle Engler squirted paint into their boxes, students rolled the marbles through the paint and over their white paper. The result was a colorful, abstract, Pollock-esque design. 

Lauren said the art will be used in a printmaking lesson. Audrey explained: “We made a pizza and we’re going to put ink on the pizza and press it down on the marble roll paper,” she said. “It’s like a stamp.”

Keeva debated about whether her design was finished or not. “I’ve got to get one more dip,” she decided. As she pulled her paper from the box, she held out her hand, covered in splashes of pinks and yellow. “My hands are so pretty!” 

Her teammate Gabby agreed, but had to tease her just a bit. “Yes, your hands are beautiful, and you get to take them home.” 

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