Simulation Games

Kieran has “a grand vision” for his board game and Summer Academy’s Simulation Games has allowed that vision to come to life.

Kieran’s original game, Conquest, is a resource development game. “The heart of the game is gathering resources and also resource development,” he said. “If you have the most resources at the end, you ultimately win.”

But unlike other resource development games, Kieran has designed a unique playing surface that solves the problem of so many board games – dislodging pieces when a board is bumped or moved. “I noticed when playing RISK that if you bump the table once, it moves all the pieces.”

“My board is magnetic,” he said, pointing to the large rectangular surface covered in a handmade map of the world. Magnetic sheets line the board under the cut out paper countries. Kieran glued magnetic strips to the undersides of each of his resource pieces as well.

“Each country has a different amount of resources assigned to it,” Kieran said. Each small square represents a resource. A piece with a number 5 written on it, for example, is iron. Other pieces, marked by a circle, represent the amounts of each resource. “The goal is to control all the countries” by controlling the resources.

Kieran likes a pure game based on skill and strategy so he hasn’t included any dice or other chance elements. “I’m not a fan of that,” he said.

“It’s a very slow-moving game that relies on resources,” he said.

Sarah used an old classic to jumpstart her game project. “I made an expansion on Candyland,” she said. She held up two plastic gingerbread men player tokens that she had painted orange and purple. “These show where you are on the board.”

She hand made cards which players draw in order to move their tokens. Included in the colorful card deck were new cards in pink, which meant “jump to the next candy square,” she said.

Sarah’s favorite game she learned during Summer Academy Simulation Games was a civilization development game. “I really like Seven Wonders,” she said.

From conquering the world to conquering a magical Candyland, we next moved to space.

The objective of Colin’s space-themed game is to destroy the space pirate base, he said.

His creative and detailed cards included powers such as a personal shield and a cloaking device. If a player draws a personal shield card, “it adds a defense to their ship and helps to prevent attacks,” Colin said. If you pick the cloaking device card “you cannot engage or be engaged in combat” for a few turns.

Colin has enjoyed Sim Games. “I really like board games and my friend was also doing this class,” Colin said. His new favorite game he played in the class is Machi Koro, a Japanese city-building game.