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Graphic arts and design students learned real-world skills this summer by creating logos for actual Summer Academy clients.

But before they created their client’s logo, they completed a number of drawing and design lessons to increase their skills.

Samantha was proud of her practice Op. Art designs. “Op. Art means ‘optical illusion,'” Sam said. “They are shapes put together, and you have a pattern you do, like stripes.” One of Sam’s black and white Op. Art examples featured an abstract zebra.

Students also completed two sketches to learn another important art technique. “We had an apple at our desk,” Sam said, “to learn shading and shadows.” Each artist completed two apple pictures, one in black and white, and the other in full, brilliant apple red.

For the final project, Design Studio students are assigned an SA class that becomes a “client” for their own graphic design business. Sam’s client was the class, El Mercado.

“I asked my clients what they wanted, and they said a pinata and taco thing,” Sam laughed. “I made three thumbnail sketches. Then I went back to the class and they picked the one they liked.” Her finished logo features a colorfully decorated burro pinata with tacos falling out.

Kennedy created logo designs for the class Stop Motion Animation, using key symbols from the film industry, like a camera, film strip, and scene marker.

Zaley’s graphic arts client was the class, Improv-athon. She interviewed students in the class to get ideas for her logo design. “They wanted a bloody hand at first,” she laughed. (Improv-athon has a lot of silly inside jokes.) She took her rough draft of the hand to the class, but they decided “they didn’t like it” after all. She heard more ideas from the class. “They wanted a flamingo. They also always dinged a bell, and then they wanted a hat,” she said.

She incorporated all the ideas into a sleek design that featured a gold star wearing a black top hat, with a pink flamingo using its beak to “ding” the bell. The design was a hit and Zaley created a postcard, business card, and official stationary for the class featuring their original logo.

If you or your business are in need of a classy logo, call on the graphic designers from Design Studio!

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