Parents Agree: Summer Academy is a Special Place

Parents like Summer Academy because their children like Summer Academy.

Rylee’s parents, Maisee and Jerry, have been impressed with the Summer Academy program. “She’s excited to come every day, which is good for me as a parent, (to know) that she’s motivated and excited to get up and come,” Maisee said.

Maisee said Summer Academy comes home with Rylee each day. “She thinks about it when she’s not at school,” she said. She walks in the door still thinking, planning, and creating. She involved the whole family in some of her work and her parents enjoyed helping her research and brainstorm.

Jessica has been sending her daughter, Sylvia, to Summer Academy for four years. “She wants to come,” Jessica said. She likes how Sylvia is able to learn new things, “different things you don’t learn in school,” she said.

Sylvia took the class Cool Caves this year. Jessica appreciates the fact that Summer Academy classes go in-depth into one topic. “It’s a different kind of opportunity,” she said. “You don’t often get those opportunities.”

A big selling point is that Sylvia makes new friends every year.

Sarah and Tim were attending their second SA Open House with daughter, Isla. “This is the first year she got to choose her class,” Tim said. Last year as a first grader, Isla participated in the First-Grade Project. This year she chose Ocean Adventures. “She’s always been interested in the ocean and sea life,” Tim said.

Mom, Sarah, said Isla meets new friends and enjoys the opportunity to experience different people and ideas at SA.

“She comes home and tells us about what she’s learned,” Tim said.

“She teaches us new things!” Sarah laughed. (Important new things, such as “gutsy” sea cucumber defense mechanisms….)


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