Ocean Adventures

Ocean Adventures is the perfect class for a budding marine biologist and passionate dolphin trainer. “When I grow up, I want to be a dolphin trainer,” Isla said. “I thought it would help me learn about dolphins. I learned about sharks and lots of fish.”

Sporting a stylish fish hair accessory created by her mom for Open House, Isla picked up a clear, plastic bottle of blue-green liquid. “This is supposed to be an ocean in a bottle,” she said. “It has oil, food coloring, and water.”

She shook the bottle and let the water settle until two distinct layers appeared. “Down here is the midnight zone.” She pointed to the darker layer at the bottom of the bottle, and then moved her finger to the top. “And up here is the sunlight zone.”

Isla handed her younger sister an orange marker and invited her to color one of the clay animals she had created for her sea creatures diorama. She said the colorful sea star was her favorite. “What about the sea cucumber?” mom, Sarah, prompted. Isla smiled. “The sea cucumber,” she explained, pointing to her clay replica, “scares away predators by spilling his guts out!”

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