Zero Gravity

This morning the kids worked on their myths some more. The official Summer Academy bloggers came and interviewed the kids and took pictures at Zero Gravity. So keep an eye out over the next two days for them to post the entry. See you tomorrow night!

Mythbusting Pirates!

Today the kids worked super hard on their myths to get ready for Open House on Wednesday. They also got to take a break for a pirate’s treasure hunt! Ask them what they found. Don’t forget field trip shirts for tomorrow and a signed waiver.

Food Myths

Sorry for the late post! Yesterday we learned about food myths with Chef Mark Chura from Burley Foods. He taught us a lot and made us Tres Leches cake! We then did the Mythbusters “Flip It” activity and learned about probability. Finally, we made some radical roller coasters in preparation Read more…

Air Pressure & Slime!

We did a ton today! This morning we learned about air pressure with some awesome demonstrations. We also completed LEGO Leaders and Stable Structures with mini marshmallows. Your children should also be bringing their own bag of slime home – sorry! It lasts longer in the fridge. Tomorrow they can Read more…

Superhero Myths!

Today we enjoyed competing in some superhero games! We had competitions in distance and accuracy with frisbees. We also did a ‘Change clothes like a superhero’ relay, which was pretty funny! In class we did 2 Mythbuster activities: Superhero Strength and Practice Makes Perfect. Ask your kids how they performed Read more…