Day 3: Shaving Cream Madness

Shaving cream, squeegees, liquid watercolors and paper!

We marbled paper today and learned some important vocabulary for our field trip tomorrow.

We painted a base color on our dream homes and some of our artists were interviewed by the Summer Academy News Team!

Day 2: It’s All In The Detail

On Day 2, detail gave us life! We added fascinating details to our dream homes. The glue gun station was finally opened for all my ArtCycle artists! A couple burned fingers but wow, do glue guns help with building and securing cardboard.

We also used liquid watercolor (watercolor concentrate) to create dreamy water-colored covers to our art journals. In these art journals, we will be writing what we felt was successful in our day, challenging in our day and how we solved a problem. This is harder than you think because who likes to admit they were challenged or had a problem with something? What great skills be are building both with our hands and our hearts!


Day 1: It was all a dream!

Day 1 of ArtCycle was an absolute success! I love these kids already and I cannot wait to show them the best of what art and recycled objects can offer.

Today we had our first QUIZ… YUP, this quiz was with paper, scissors and glue. Every student had to show me 8 different cuts, fold and tabs in order to move on to their CARDBOARD DREAM HOME!