Weekend blog

I am so impressed with this year’s artists. They are creative, efficient, and responsible. Even on our field trips they received compliments for their decorum and creativity. Our final week is upon us, and we have deadlines to meet. The open house is Wednesday. We will have artwork on display in the hall outside our classroom.

2nd field trip

We toured the graphic arts department at Concordia university today. We saw where they sketch, paint, sculpt and work on computers. They also let us go through a revolving door to get to the dark room in the photography department. On our way home we stopped at a McDonald’s to eat. We had our picture taken in front of the iconic Golden Arches when we were done eating.
Tomorrow is a regular day. The snack bar will be closed so your student should bring a snack from home if they want one.
Mrs. Roman

First field trip

Well, we experienced our first field trip today and it was awesome! “Little Co” welcomed us into their working space , and showed us around. Their artists then critiqued some of our work.

Tomorrow we go to Concordia University. We will be eating lunch at McDonald’s afterwards. The academy’s treat.


Mrs. Roman

Tuesday blog

Working hard on our client logos! Tomorrow we go to a real graphic design Studio. They will take a look at our artwork and give critiques. We will be back in time to leave at noon.

2nd week

Today we picked out which class we are going to make a logo for. Overheard in the classroom, “I feel like a real businessman”.
Some of us are done with our sports team logo and others are working hard on their final design.  Our first field trip is Wednesday and I believe Kari, Kai’s Mom is slated to chaperone that day.  I could use one more for that day.  We leave at 8:30 and go to “Little” Design Studio.  We get back by 11:30.  Thursday I have Amber, Bennett’s mom and Daniel, Briar’s dad.  Thursday we go to Concordia university and McDonalds.  We should get back by 1 pm. Any questions please email me at artann@aol.com.

Day 3

It’s Thursday and our first extended day. We tried sketching with charcoal and blending to show light and shadow. Wow this class of artists are amazing.
We had a great discussion on the history of logos too!
Just a reminder, we have two field trips next week on Wednesday and Thursday. There’s no need for lunches. We are stopping at McDonald’s on Thursday. Summer academy will be paying for their lunch. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful children with me this summer.

Day 2 Design Studio

Today we finished our personal logos. We also made ourselves a portfolio to store our creations safely.
To practice our design skills we are coming up with three different thumbnails of the sun. Don’t forget to bring a lunch tomorrow. We will be at Summer Academy until 2:30!

Design Studio

Our first day of Summer Academy is in the books, and it was great! All our artists came in with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. Today we started our personal logos. Soon they will be made into business cards. The fun has begun!